Monday, July 16, 2012

A Trip to the Moon Sweet Party!

Having a Space/Rocket Ship/Trip to the Moon Themed Party is such a great idea for  a Boy's Birthday party.         Children at this party traveled on a rocket ship with their imagination. They got to watch a real Space Ship Launch, and begin a journey to the stars. They learned how it blasted off to outer space and the way it returned to our planet earth. It was so much fun planning and creating this celebration. I invite you to travel with me through the pictures and enjoy the whole adventure.


Party Planning, Table Design, Cakes, Cake Pops, Candy Pop Corn, Candy Skewers, Drink, Table Set up, Pictures. By: THREElittleBIRDS Events.

Food and assistance. By: Pina Verde

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Favorite Party of the Month from Project Nursery

I'm very pleased  to announce, that my project won June's Favorite Party from Project Nursery. Thanks to all the help from my lovely Family and friends, we finally got the recognition after a very hard and well done job. I will be getting a VISA gift card, that will be sent to a family who needs support.Thanks again, and click here to see the full article.

Estoy muy feliz de anunciar que mi proyecto gano el premio a la mejor fiesta de Junio de Project Nursery. Gracias a la gran ayuda de mi amada familia y amigos, finalmente recibimos el reconocimiento por el arduo y buen trabajo. Yo voy a recibir una tarjeta de regalo VISA, que va a ser enviada a una familia que necesita apoyo. Gracias nuevamente, y pueden darle click aquĆ­  para ver el articulo completo.

Je Me Souviens ~ I Remember

Je me souviens is the official motto of Quebec. The motto, translated litelally into English, means "I remember". It may be paraph...