Monday, September 16, 2013



My birthday is almost here. I'm not usually excited about getting older, but this year I'm really thankful to have lived another happy, healthy year. I recently learned that millions of kids around the world don't live to see their fifth birthday because they don't have access to clean, safe drinking water. We can help change that.
I'm asking for a donation from everyone I know. Every penny of the money raised will directly fund clean water projects in developing countries. Even better, charity: water will show us exactly which projects we funded once they've been fully completed (which takes about 18 months). That means we'll know the locations and names of the communities we helped.
Help me reach my goal. Please donate to my birthday campaign!

Hola a todos y todas. Mi cumpleaños esta cerca. No me agrada mucho la idea 
de envejecer un año mas, pero estoy muy agradecida por haber vivido un año mas, lleno de salud, amor y felicidad. Como todos sabemos, muchos niños en el mundo no viven ni cinco anos, porque no tienen acceso al agua limpia. Pero podemos ayudar con de la siguiente manera.

Estoy pidiendo para mi cumpleaños en lugar de regalos, que cada persona que conozco, amigos, y familia hagan una donacion a la campaña que he creado en "Charity Water". Cada centavo del dinero reunido ira directamente a proyectos de agua limpia en paises en proceso de desarrollo. Y mejor aun, "Charity Water" nos mostrara que proyecto fundamos una vez hayan sido completados, lo cual toma como 18 meses. Eso significa que conoceremos las locaciones y los nombres de las comunidades que ayudamos. 
A todos nos gusta, disfrutamos y necesitamos agua limpia. Ayudemos a que todos tengamos acceso a ella! Gracias, este será uno de los cumpleaños mas felices que tendré con la ayuda de todos.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pool Party, such a Cool Party.

Who wouldn't be up for a super fun, and cool "Pool party" in the middle of a hot summer?
Well, all the guests got right on time to this awesome birthday party. They didn't wanna miss all the fun that was promised to happen at this celebration. 
Fresh fruit, pretzels, rice krispie treats and cup cakes, were some of the treats offered to all the playful friends. All the summing, and laughing kept them hungry and thirsty at all times, so keeping this nice treats, sweets, drinks and fruits bar available at all times for them to dig in, was a total success.
Lets swim through the images and deep dive into this amazing and delicious adventure.

Je Me Souviens ~ I Remember

Je me souviens is the official motto of Quebec. The motto, translated litelally into English, means "I remember". It may be paraph...