Saturday, June 29, 2013

Child Of God

For this celebration, I suggested my clients too offer their guest a delicious Ice cream bar, that would go perfect with the very warm weather.

The delicious variety of toppings , delegated all the big and small guests who where very exited to be able to pick as much and as many candies they desired. 

"Child of God". I chose this statement, because it simply describes the  meaning baptism. 


  1. I love the simple decorations you did for your baptism celebration. We are doing a small blessing at my mother in laws home next month and I'd love to do something simple like you did. Did you have the cake made yourself? Did you use a vendor for the printables/paper items?

    1. I'm glad you liked it. Well the cake, yes I baked, and decorated it. All the paper items I made them as well. The Sign and the lables, if that's what you mean.. If you are interested you can contact me at, and I can make personalized items for your event, and mail them to you. Where you're located is very important though. I can also give you tips and tell you where I got the rest of the items I used. And if you live in Toronto much better yet, I can do this for you.


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