Thursday, March 27, 2014


    You might be wondering what this title means, and what is it that I am trying to share when I say: "In the memory of a lived life, a living life is celebrated", well here is the story.
   One day, one of my closest friends asked me to sit down with her, to share with me, a beautiful idea that was going through her head. With a cup of coffee, she explained to me what her ideas were, about celebrating her husband's birthday, by using the memories from his father's life, and the life they had lived together as father, and son. The use of candles, and pictures were the main objects she wanted to incorporate to the event, to create a warm atmosphere that looked full of fine touches. Home flavours, and aromas from his childhood were the final touches THREElittleBIRDS events brought to life this night, to make it as memorable, as the life he had shared with his beloved father, who had passed away abroad, only a couple years before. 

The night was a joyful night, full of happy moments, and funny stories. And this night, instead of bringing sadness and helpless feelings for the loss, it reminded everyone that physical bodies aren't necessary to love one another, it reminded us that love is infinite, and that with it, we would be there for 
each other for the eternity.


" Dad, your strength and wisdom, thought me how to fly. Your great heart, will always be in me."

CAKE BY: Piña Verde, Dessert Factory

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  1. Thank you Laura for being such a big part of our lives, you totally understand our feelings, and that's why through your creativity and friendship, TLB events filled a memory with light.


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